What's your wedding style?

Take the quiz to reveal your unique approach to planning this important, life event of yours.

1. Whose style do you admire?
A. Kate Middleton
B. Rihanna 
C. Adele 

2. What is your dream ride?
A. Cadillac XTS
B. Mazda CX-9
C. Tesla Model S

3. On your 10-year anniversary what destination would best celebrate your love?
A. Paris, France
B. Bali, Indonesia
C. Kyoto, Japan

4. What color combination makes you smile and think of your sweetie?
A. Black, white & gold
B. Dusty green & rose
C. Navy & bordeaux red
More A answers?
Your style is traditional elegance.
You’ve got a sophisticated sense of style and prefer designs that balance serenity and refinement. Consider gold, silver or bronze tones to add polished pops of color with a cosmopolitan flair. And don’t forget to use Pussyfoot Tape to keep your feet blemish-free so you can be regal from head to toe!

More B answers?
You define on-trend style.
You spot fresh styles as they hit the street. You're not afraid to add your own twist and make the trend your own. Think about colors that make a statement. Be the first of your friends to keep Pussyfoot Tape in your purse for any shoe fashion emergencies. 

More C answers?
Your style is independent.
You blend in eclectic touches to bring your signature to light. Those blues this season might be for you, but you will undoubtedly make them special. Of course if you veer another direction we won't be surprised. We know that Pussyfoot Tape gives you super powers ---for you it will be bonus super powers!