About Us

We’re here because we are passionate about bringing Pussyfoot Tape to you --- a super-strong tape that stops blisters before they start for women wearing heels, sandals, or sneakers stepping out into another busy day to get schtuff done.

Pussyfoot Tape armors you up: no more burning skin and blisters, then you can focus on achieving a little bit more, looking great, and possibly pushing the envelope of your “comfort zones.”  
Granby, CO 1993: I moved to Colorado for the summer, and I learned from the Hike Master at YMCA Camp Chief Ouray that duct tape on your feet prevents foot blisters when hiking. I know what it is like to limp through your day because of your new shoes rubbing you raw. I knew the secret too: duct tape! For years I just kept gray duct tape on my water bottle “as instructed” {{Photo TBD}} and tore off a strip when a blister started on my foot. I didn’t give a hoot, “Oh that? It’s duct tape on my heel. It’s stopping my rafting sandal from making a big, ol’ blister.” 

Fast forward to 2015: Realized we wanted to share this with you and others too. And started to identify and then develop it-sticks-tight materials for our modern, purse-ready Pussyfoot Tape.

5% of profits are given back to a cause that mean a lot to Red Rainboots Apothecary empower women with www.ywcamadison.org

Contact us if you'd like: g (at) pussyfoottape.com, or 608.443.7765